10 June 2013

Welcome to GeneaTrackers!

Welcome to GeneaTrackers!

Every life we research has the potential to shape our own lives. How we go about researching and what we do with that information shows our own dedication to our ancestors. Right now we hope everyone who visits here desires to learn how to revere or seek out their kindred dead (whether you are just beginning or a long-time researcher interested in new ideas). It starts with pouring over records, newspapers, photos, journals, letters and ephemera year after year in hopes of learning something new about some long lost relative. 

Errors surface when we don't take the time to educate ourselves properly on the many different aspects of family history research. We here at GeneaTrackers seek out resources that teach, inspire and motivate us to improve our research skills and develop in other aspects pertinent to genealogy such as storytelling, photo restoration, organization and so on. 

There never has been a time in history where so much information is literally at our fingertips. Lost in the vastness of the Internet are thousands upon thousands of opportunities for us to grow in knowledge and skill. If we spent every second for the rest of our lives looking we still wouldn't find them all! Our mission is to help those interested in bettering themselves regardless of skill level.

Summing it up, we want to support our fellow genealogists, family historians and storytellers. This is our contribution to a community that gives so much. Through hard work and dedication we hope to give something also.

We thank you for taking the time to visit and hope you'll come back often!

Your GeneaTrackers,
Rebecca and Eowyn