About Rebecca

I grew up in Utah. I was introduced to genealogy when I was about 9 years old, almost 30 years ago! I don't remember whom I was with or why we were in downtown Salt Lake City. I just remember looking through the windows (doors) of the now Family History Library and seeing shelves upon shelves of books. I have always loved books. I love to read! I love history and I love family. I remember watching the introduction filmstrip (yes, it was that long ago) and I was hooked. I later served a Family History mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at the Oakland Family History Center in California. Since then, I've dabbled in the business of genealogy for others and continued my own work. I have helped many along the way, which has lead to the opening of my own business, Family History Engineers, this month, October 2009! What a better time than during Family History Month!

For my own family, I have mostly researched the Trujillo line in New Mexico. I have also worked on Roybal in New Mexico. Dye in Alabama and Petersen in Utah and Denmark. My husbands’ lines include Myrup, Dunks, Clark, and Batty. For others, I have also done research in Utah, New York, Virginia, North Carolina and elsewhere. I have hit my own brick walls and confusing issues that I have been greatly blessed in resolving!

I am active on Facebook and Twitter! I am very excited about the prospects in the future as I continue to learn more about the past and enrich my own character and that of the many others I have yet to meet! I look forward to guiding you along the tracks of genealogy!

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